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The Marketing Video Revolution has Come Full Circle!

I've had cause to consult for a number of businesses, and I can honestly say video marketing has become the most engaging marketing medium, for startups as well as established businesses.

So get a video ad made for your business, learning event (or whatever other niche you may be in). It pays massively!

For extra impact, make doodle videos. They're engaging, eye-catching, out of the ordinary, and certain to captivate your audience (and more importantly, hold their attention till the message concludes). And the sales conversion rates are amazing!

They're especially useful if you're not too inclined to put yourself in front of a camera. Besides, the web is currently so saturated with so many live-action video ads that your audience is likely to skip to the next one before your message gets through.

But not so with Doodle videos. The average viewer of a doodle video is 7 times likely to finish watching the video than one watching a live-action video.

I personally recommend Doodle Maker, not just because it offers far more features, templates, languages and voices, but it has built-in artificial intelligence, which enables it to actually identify, predict and make useful suggestions on the best images and flow of your video. Personally, I believe it's the best in the market today.         

Oh, and it's the most competitively priced doodle-making application on the market today.

Read my feature review of it here. Also, watch another real-life user's assessment of the app here. And if you're ready to try it out, you can get a good deal here